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Product name : Automatic Magnetic Stripe Laying Machine YMSL-1000
Item : YMSL-1000
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Automatic Magnetic Stripe Laying Machine YMSL-1000

Functional Introduction

The machine is designed to lay the magnetic stripe onto the plastic sheets or film rolls (such as PVC and PET) by heating and pressurizing in a precise and firm way. It has three material feeding and collection modes: roll-to-sheet, roll-to-roll or sheet-to-sheet. The whole process can realize automatic operation to ensure stable and reliable operation. It can lay both ordinary and transferable magnetic stripe.

1. The system is automatically controlled by PLC program with friendly man-machine interface;
2. Sheet feeding, speed and film moving length are controlled by servo motor;
3. Rolling wheel clamping devices are applied to ensuring neat and precise mounting of magnetic stripe. The air cylinder pressure is adjustable; Automatic tension control system is applied in material feeding to ensure that the film roll conveying is kept smooth and even in tension.
4. The film cutting unit is driven by air cylinder to ensure reliable operation;
5. Magnetic stripe back foil can be automatically collected by waste system.
6. Air shaft loading system is applied to make loading and unloading of film roll easier and more convenient;
7. The heating temperature control is by heating tube with imported temperature probe and temperature control module for accurate temperature control (±0.5℃).
8. Each single magnetic stripe laying head can be adjusted in temperature and pressure.

Technical parameter

1.        Power supply:AC380V/50HZ
2.        Air resource6 kg/c㎡(dry)
3.        Power:8.5KW
4.        Temperature:0-400℃(adjustable)
5.        Temp. precision:±0.5℃
6.        Mag. stripe laying precision:±0.15mm
7.        weight:Approximately 800Kg
8.        Productivity:10-12m/min (film roll) or1000-1300 sheets/h (sheet)
9.        Mag. stripe model: ISO/IEC7811HiCo/LoCo
10.      Mag. stripe width: 12.7mm/6.35mm, wheel diameter: 380mm
11.      Mag. stripes Qty.: 5--8 tapes optional
12.      Layout: 3*8, 4*8, 5*5 (optional)
13.      Operator number: 1
14.      Dimension: L2850*W1200*H1800mm
15.      Applicable materials:Plastic sheet: 0.25-0.8mmthick,Max.width:580mm,roll film: 0.04-0.2mm thick
  Inner diameter:3 inch; external diameter: <20 inches(500mm); Max. width: 580mm                                 

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