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Product name : Card DOD personalization line YEDU-1B
Item : YEDU-1B
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 Card DOD personalization machine YEDU-1B

 Card DOD Personalization Machine YEDU-1B (G4.0 Model 2017) is designed to personalize various high-end smart cards (including loyalty card, magnetic card, RFID card and dual-interface card) by means of DOD-UV surface printing, RFID chip encoding(optional), magnetic stripe encoding(optional) and scratch card labeling (optional) in a precise and speedy way. The whole production line is designed to be flexible and compatible for different functional module integration.  The end user can choose the needed functional modules available and add in this line.  YEDU-1B G4.0 Model 2017 has realized all-round technical improvement in both hardware and software with the efforts of our technical team in YL Electrical.  It becomes more reliable in performance and faster in speed. 


YEDU-1B (72mm wide print head) can print barcode, number, QR code and photos on full width area of CR80 card. 

The difference between YEDU-1A and YEDU-1B lies in the print head model and maximum print width. YEDU-1A is using Japannese Konica 36mm print head which can only print on maximum 36mm width area on card surface, and YEDU-1B is using Japanese SEIKO 72mm print head which can realize full-width printing on card surface.

Both YEDU-1A and YEUD-1B can only realize one-side printing in one pass. If you need realize two-side printing in one pass, please turn to our longer personalization line models YEDU-2A or YEDU-2B.



Functional module configuration:


Card feeder #1(CR80 size)-Chinese magnetic encoder (optional)-Card turn-over unit (optional)- Card feeder #2(optional, CR80 or bigger)-RFID card encoder(optional)-Plasma treatment unit- DOD Black Printing unit (max. 72mm wide SEIKO) - LED UV Solidification unit-OCR inspection unit(optional)-Bad card Rejection unit- Scratch labeling unit(optional) - Card Collection unit


Optional functional modules are described as below:


1. RFID Chip encoding unit (1-head model)

It can read UID from such RFID chips including Mifare S50, S70, Desfire MOA8, Ultralight, Plus, Ntag203, Ntag213, ICODE 2, FUDAN and KUNRUI chips. It can write data or change initial passwords in such RFID chips including Mifare S50, S70, Ultralight, Ntag203, Ntag213, ICODE 2, FUDAN and KUNRUI chips. Speed: 7000 card/h in reading mode or 2000-4000 cards/H in writing mode, if the data to be encoded is bigger in size, the writing speed is slower.


2. Magnetic card encoder unit (Chinese module) 

It canencode three tracks or any single or two tracks in magnetic stripe of various magnetic cards(excluding financial bank card) in a speedy and precise way, but the magnetic cards encoded by the Chinese module cannot fully meet the strict specification of ISO 7811 for high-end financial bank cards, Speed: around 8000 cards/h.   If you need encode the magnetic stripe of financial bank cards, we can add German magnetic card encoder in our personalization line.  


3. OCR inspection unit

It is designed for identifying or reading the number, barcode, QR code printed on card surface to compare with the database to check the correctness of DOD printing, speed: over 8000cards/h.   


4. Scratch labeling unit (cold labeling)

It is designed for applying or sticking the scratch-off label(s) onto the card surface after DOD printing. It can apply several labels (2, 3 or 4 ) on the card surface at the same time. speed: over 8000cards/h.  


5. Card turn-over unit

It is used to turn the card sides. If the magnetic card encoder is installed in the line, the card turn-over unit must be added accordingly to ensure different side printing.  If there is no magnetic card encoder in the line, the card turn-over unit is not needed.


Technical Parameters

1.     Speed: 10000 cards/h (print-only mode)

2.     Print head and Max. printing width: Seiko, 72mm black ink

3.     printing resolution: 360-720 DPI adjustable

4.     Max. Printing speed: 25 meters/min.

5.     Speed for Best printing quality: 20 meters/min.

6.     Compressed air: 6KG/CM2,10L/min.

7.     Power supply: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 6KW

8.     LED UV Wave length and Power: 395NM, 400W.

9.     Control mode: Industrial computer + motion control system

10.   Net Weight: around 500-950kg(as per different configuration)

11.   Machine size: around L(2300/4300/5600mm)×W650mm×H1600 mm (as per different configuration)

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