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Products > Card Data Personalization Machine > > Card Data Personalization Machine YDP-6000 Model 2017
Product name : Card Data Personalization Machine YDP-6000 Model 2017
Item : YDP-6000
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               Card Data Personalization Machine YDP-6000 Model 2017

Card Data Personalization Machine YDP-6000 is designed to realize the following card personalization functions:

1)    RFID card electrical performance test (check chip and circuit good or not) 

2)    RFID card chip data writing or password change.   

3)    Magnetic stripe data writing. (magnetic stripe upper side or lower side writing available)

4)    Card quality control function (OCR surface data (number/barcode/QR code) reading +RFID card chip data reading +magnetic stripe data reading to compare with the source data file)

Basic configuration includes:

Card feeding magazinemulti-card feeding check unitOCR unitRFID card read-writing unit (8 working units) magnetic stripe read-writing unit (magnetic stripe upper and lower side available) Good Card Collection magazine Bad Card Rejection Unit

The RFID card read-writing unit is designed to work on the contactless chips including Mifare S50, S70, Desfire MOA8, Ultralight, Plus S, and China FUDAN chips.  

Technical Parameter

1. Device size: L1800*W800*H1600mm;

2. Power supply: AC220, 50/60 Hz;

3. Equipment air source: 6Kg/CM2,30L/M;

4. Control mode: industrial control machine +PLC;

5. General power: 1.5KW;

6. Speed: 3000-6000 cards/h for chip encoding operation.

8000-10000 cards/h for other operations  

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