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Product name : White Silicon Rubber Cushion Pad YRP-2
Item : YRP-2
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 White Silicon Rubber Cushion Pad YRP-2

White Silicon Rubber Cushion Pad is designed for the lamination process for various plastic cards including bank card, credit card, and royalty card. It works with lamination steel plate in the plastic card lamination process.

The structure of white silicon cushion pads is white heatproof silicon rubber layers on the surfaces with glass filer in the middle.  

Key Features: 

1. It is heatproof with great durability, which can well meet the technological requirements in plastic card lamination.

2. It can transfer heat quickly and evenly, which can improve production efficiency and energy conservation.

3. It has good performance of high temperature resistance and excellent elastic resilience.  


4. It has good cushioning performance to avoid the damage and scratching resulting from direct contacting between laminator template and lamination steel plates, which can extend the service life of both lamination steel plates and template. 


Technical Parameters:    

1. Heatproof performance:  200℃

2. Tensile strength: 80 N/mm

3. Adhesion: 80 N/mm

4. Hardness SHORE A: 55±5

5. Thickness: 3mm

6. Length and width: A4, A3 or custom-made size (size tolerance: ±1mm)

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