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Product name : Smart Card Data Verification Machine YDV-7000
Item : YDV-7000
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 Smart Card Data Verification Machine YDV-7000 
Smart Card Data Verification Machine YDV-7000 is designed to realize the function of data comparison and verification on RFID card chip data, card surface data and magnetic stripe data of smart card.  It has three key functional units:  RFID Card chip data verification unit, OCR surface data verification unit and Magnetic stripe data verification unit.   

1. RFID Card chip data verification unit

1)  Frequency: 125KHz&13.56MHz, 915MHz(optional)

2) Communication protocol: ISO 15693,14443A/B ,ISO18000B/C

3)  It can realize the data reading and detection function for both low-frequency and high-frequency chip cards.  

4) Ultra-high-frequency card data verification function is optional.  

5) It can read the designated data and compare it with the database files, and judge whether the data is wrong or not.

6) Production log saving function is available.

7) Data saving function in case of power failure is available.  

2. OCR surface data verification unit

1)  The unit can realize card surface data recognition through OCR photography.    

2)  It can compare the identified surface data content with the database file, and judge whether the data is wrong or not.

3)  The analysis and recognition for duplicate data number and data incompleteness is available.

4) It can recognize the following content: 1D barcode, 2D QR code, Arabic number, English characters;

3. Magnetic stripe data verification unit

1) Magnetic reactance degree: 300 OE - 2750 OE;

2) Reading magnetic density: 210 DPI, 75DPI/210 DPI, compatible 210 DPI;

3) Magnetic stripe tracks: Track 1/2/3, HiCo/Loco, standard width 12.7mm.

4) It can read the magnetic stripe on both sides (upper side or lower side of the processed card).   

5) It can read the data in the magnetic stripe and compare it with the database files.   

4. Basic configuration

Card feeding magazine (CR80 standard card)→RFID card chip data verification unit(LF+HF/ optional UHF) →OCR surface data verification unit →magnetic stripe data verification unit ( upper+lower side reading available)→Bad Card Rejection Unit →Good Card Collection magazine


5. Technical Parameter

1). Machine size: L1800*W600*H1600mm;

2). Power supply: AC220, 50/60 Hz;

3). Control mode: industrial control machine +PLC; 

4). General power: 2.5KW;

5). Speed:  6000-7000 cards/hour


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